Founder’s message

During my 2 decade-long career as an entrepreneur, I have been able to learn about and create businesses across 15 industries. Over this period, I have had the privilege of being involved with around 25 startups and have invested in more than 100 companies.

However, as an entrepreneur, I have noted that while business institutes provide the necessary knowledge to help individuals begin their entrepreneurial journey, they seldom provide opportunities or skills to develop raw ideas into a full-fledged business accurately.

To bridge this gap and meet the requirements of the next generation of entrepreneurs, we have created the SD Centre for Entrepreneurship Excellence (SDCEE) in collaboration with the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship based in Rotterdam.

We intend to empower the future generation of entrepreneurs with resourceful and helpful courses, networking opportunities, developmental skills, and the right assistance to kickstart their business idea.

We have created immersive and engaging programs to offer you the right platform to startup and scale your idea.

Empower yourself. Empower your future.

Shaping entrepreneurs of the future in the UAE

In 2021, the UAE announced the “National Entrepreneurship Agenda”, wherein the country has committed to the following objectives:

  • The UAE will become an entrepreneurial nation by 2031.
  • Home to 10 unicorn start-up companies by 2031
  • One of the top 3 countries in the Global Entrepreneurship Index

The National Agenda includes 29 initiatives aimed at enhancing the business environment and entrepreneurial mindset in the country. The UAE is already one of the world’s most popular financial hubs. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology coupled with a no-corporate tax environment, it is the place for entrepreneurs looking to set up their new venture.

At SDCEE, we understand and intend to promote the desired skills required to start a business in the UAE. We have collaborated with various corporate, academic and government entities that would further enhance your experience on your journey towards successful entrepreneurship.

At SDCEE, we cater to the needs of a variety of individuals looking to set up their business in UAE: :

Our Values


SDCEE is committed to providing exceptional programs and services with our unparalleled industry experience.


We have partnered with some of the popular entrepreneurship institutions from around the world, including ECE and DTEC (Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus)


SDCEE maintains the highest level of transparency through integrity and ethical practices.


We believe in promoting diversity and provide an inclusive, dynamic and positive environment.


Our innovative programs combined with years of experience help SDCEE have a proactive approach towards emerging startup trends.


Our in-house experts are committed towards deploying the right resources to fulfill all missions and goals on time.

Our Team

Shailesh Dash


Professor Dr. Justin Jansen

Academic Director

Leonardo Fuligni

Deputy Director

Annique de Greef

Head of Education

Robin Driessen

Jip Dresia

Mohammad Imad Shahid Khan

Shalom Gallanosa

Sharon Quadros