Entrepreneurship is the ability to identify and capitalize on market trends and opportunities while taking risks and being rewarded with profits, enhanced standard of living, legacy, and continued growth opportunities. It is, therefore, important to have an appropriate ecosystem that encourages entrepreneurship and provide the right support to help entrepreneurs thrive.

As an entrepreneur who wants to start a new business, it is essential to understand and be able to handle many obstacles that will come along the way, including legal, financing, sales and marketing, intellectual property protection, liability protection, human resources, and many more.

We have developed a network of partner entities that enable our students and alumni to continuously develop their venture and rely on a trusted support system after they have graduated.

From freelancing services and license to developing and strategizing the elements for your business, our partners provide end-to-end solutions to assist individuals with everything that they need to grow and become successful. Some of the popular services offered include the following:

Venture Studio

Dash Venture Labs is a Dubai-based incubator studio created by a community of venture builders. They work towards empowering entrepreneurs and intends on creating the largest community of entrepreneurs in the GCC and South-East Asia. Dash Venture Labs provides robust and cost-effective solutions to freelancers, startup entrepreneurs, and even companies in the scale-up mode.

Freelancing services

With a freelance license portal at Freedom2Work and freelance knowledge portal at Freelance2Freedom entrepreneurs looking to start a freelance business can do so with great ease. Curated by experts, Freedom2Work and Freelance2Freedom work towards empowering freelancers looking to set up their business in the UAE.

Business setup services

Ascent Partners provides bespoke business setup solutions for entrepreneurs looking to set up their next venture in the UAE. Ascent Partners works alongside entrepreneurs to strategize and help them start up so that entrepreneurs can focus on scaling their business. For entrepreneurs looking for a mainland, Free Zone, offshore, or an ADGM setup, Ascent Partners is the best choice out there.

Media services

DBC Entertainment is a media powerhouse based in Dubai that offers services in line with the benchmark practices in media, entertainment and events in the UAE. DBC Entertainment works towards creating revolutionary communication on all new-age mediums, including video and podcasts, through innovative thinking.

E-learning services

The need for learning how to code has risen exponentially in today’s technologically advanced world. Viva Coder, a coding institute based in Dubai, provides coding and programming courses for those looking to build their career in the IT industry. With easy-to-learn courses and a guided environment, aspiring entrepreneurs can work towards future-proofing their careers.

Web development services

With Guardian One, entrepreneurs can access a wide variety of tailor-made IT solutions to help address the needs of companies.

Software services

Brainium is an award-winning software development company and a Google Partner that provides end-to-end software solutions for companies looking to make their mark in the online sphere.