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In line with our commitment to enhance the experiential learning of individuals, SDCEE has collaborated with our partners to bring you the following programs:

  • Space for Business Program
  • Dash Venture Labs Incubation Programme

Space For Business Program

University of St. Gallen, Nova School of Business and Economics, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University and the European Agency have come together to develop the Space for Business program

Space is the new economic frontier; entrepreneurs around the world are working towards creating their business models around products and services for space and non-space markets. The modules offered helps you scale up your business and work towards overcoming the challenges that you may face as a growing company in the ever-growing space industry.

  • Harnessing your innovation strategy
  • Developing a personal leadership vision for your space venture
  • Building alliances and partnerships in the space innovation ecosystem
  • Applying tools and insights from innovation management to your company
  • Strengthening your leadership skills
  • Developing an effective governance system for your organization
  • Scaling your business
  • Learning how to manage the challenges of scaling up your business

The Space For Business program lets you work on a personal impact project which challenges you to make real and relevant impact on your business and role.

Spread across universities in Switzerland, Portugal, and The Netherlands, each module will help you understand the space economy and how you can accelerate and scale your business during these modern times.

The total course duration is six months followed by a two-day bootcamp at the European Space Technology and Research Centre.

Dash Venture Labs Incubation Programme

The Dash Venture Labs Incubation Programme works towards empowering individuals to push the boundaries to take the next step. It aims to contribute to the success of your startup and personal entrepreneurial skills.

  • Recap validation: customer discovery, customer interviews & prototyping
  • Scaling, financing, and organizing growth
  • Personal development
  • Teams and partners
  • Funding
  • Pitching and pitch decks
  • Sales
  • Marketing

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