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Kickstart your entrepreneurial career

This program has been developed for students looking to start an entrepreneurial career but are unable to commit to a full-time program.

During these short-term yet immersive courses, you will be able to understand and learn how to strategize and kickstart your entrepreneurial dreams. Moreover, you can also analyze and hone your skills with our tailor-made entrepreneurial courses.

So, take the leap to know how you can strategize, start-up and even scale your entrepreneurial dreams in Dubai, UAE.

The SDCEE Startup Program helps you progress from the startup stage to kickstart your entrepreneurial career. This program has been created to tailor to your specific needs. If this program seems like a good fit for you, connect with us to know more about it today.

We work towards creating and encouraging the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

The SDCEE Startup Program helps young entrepreneurs understand how they can bring their business ideas to a reality. This program also highlights the importance of pivoting towards development and working to future-proof your business.

The SDCEE Startup Program is aimed towards educating both aspiring entrepreneurs as well working professionals seeking to enhance their entrepreneurial skills. Our short-term yet immersive programs have been designed to challenge and inspire the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Our programs help you learn while you are strategizing to start up and scale your business. You can choose from our three Startup programs and begin your entrepreneurial journey:

  • 3–Weeks SDCEE Future Entrepreneur Program
  • 9-Weeks SDCEE Idea2Impact Entrepreneur Program
  • 13-Weeks SDCEE Startup Entrepreneur Program

To provide solutions to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their business, we have designed the SDCEE Startup Program. For all individuals looking to build a sound foundation for your entrepreneurial journey, this one’s for you.

A future entrepreneur is often considered as (passive) potential entrepreneurs who are looking to turn their passion into a full-fledged business.

To cater to this vibrant and enthusiastic audience, SDCEE provides a 3-Week SDCEE Future Entrepreneur Program to help create the next generation of entrepreneurs by guiding them about the essentials of starting up a business.

We understand that building a business can be a daunting task with all sorts of obstacles that may arise. However, with our SDCEE Future Entrepreneur, our experts at SDCEE provide exceptional guidance and mentorship that can help you be ready to overcome and expertly navigate through various challenges and scale your business.

Topics covered:
  • Entrepreneurial and effectuation principles with ecosystem visit
  • Team formation and ideation
  • Customer discovery
  • Customer discovery reflections and problem validation presentations
  • Value proposition designs
  • Prototyping and designing experiments
  • Business modeling – Business and Mission Model Canvas
  • VP design and solution validation presentations
  • Business modeling – Business Model Delta
  • Pricing and revenue models
  • Pitching and coaching
  • Final event and closing

This program intends to provide entrepreneurs with the tools and services they need to scale up and make an impact with their business. With this program, SDCEE aims to enable entrepreneurs with the right resources to translate your idea into a successful startup and also maximize the social or ecological impact of your startup.

During this program, you will be able to expand your network with fellow aspiring entrepreneurs. Moreover, you can also connect with experienced mentors and entrepreneurs and learn from their experiences and mistakes and create your own path.

Topics covered:
  • Psychological safety
  • Pressure cooker recap about customer discovery, value proposition design, validation and testing
  • Personal leadership development
  • Introduction to scaling, financing, and organizing first growth actions
  • Leveraging partnerships
  • Extending your team and employee management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Entrepreneurial finance and funding
  • Pitching and pitch decks
  • Final pitch event

Entrepreneurial skills and innovation are key to creating a successful new venture. It is important to understand how to gain foresight into the future, apply design thinking techniques to explore unmet market needs, and devise business model processes to strategize, startup, and scale your business.

This course introduces students to the theory and practice of entrepreneurship. It is designed to provide innovative and entrepreneurial behavior, emphasize the importance of entrepreneurial activities to societal and economic development, and innovative practices for wealth creation.

This course will introduce students to the process of turning an idea into a successful startup business and will help students identify their own personal goals and unique skills and competencies related to the entrepreneurial process. A primary focus of this course will be to guide the student to think critically and creatively and develop the potential to be a successful entrepreneur.

Topics covered:
  • Psychological safety
  • Entrepreneurial principles – Startup and design thinking
  • Team formation
  • Effectuation principles
  • Developing a vision
  • Ideation and problem exploration
  • Customer discovery – Persona cards, empathy map, jobs to be done and customer forces
  • Customer validation experiments
  • Value proposition – customer profile, products and services, and design ideation
  • Solution validation – MVP, prototyping, and designing experiments
  • Reflection and build measure learn cycles
  • Business modelling – Introduction, business model canvas, and business model environment and delta
  • Pricing and revenue models
  • Resources – Teams, partnership canvas, navigating the ecosystem, funding, intellectual property, legal and fiscal
  • Pitching and pitch decks
  • Marketing, branding and sales
  • Entering new markets and identifying opportunities for growth
  • Leading growth
  • Evaluation and future plans
  • Final event

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