SDCEE Campus

Our campus is located at the Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus (Dtec), a leading startup hub powered by Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) and Dubai Integrated Economic Zones Authority (DIEZA).

With over 1000 startups and an in-house VC arm, our students have the opportunity to gain a first-hand experience of startup culture in Dubai. Aspiring entrepreneurs can kickstart or expand their startup while immersing themselves in an ecosystem created for them.

Dtec offers a wide array of amenities designed to enhance the working environment for entrepreneurs. We believe that the location of campus within Dtec enables our students to have a wholistic entrepreneurial experience. Some of the highlights of the space is as detailed below:

Online community and networking opportunities

At SDCEE Campus, you can access an entire community of entrepreneurs in Dubai. By networking with like-minded entrepreneurs, you will be able to build steady connections when startup or scaling their business.

Corporate partner network

SDCEE Campus, in association with DTEC, can help you access to their corporate partner network that can help you build connections and learn from experienced entrepreneurs and venture builders when starting or scaling a business.

Acceleration programs

SDCEE Campus also provides acceleration programs that can help entrepreneurs learn how to create a pitch deck for their startup venture and work towards creating strategizing, starting up, and scaling their business.

Investment opportunities

With SDCEE Campus, you, as an entrepreneur, can also work towards securing investment opportunities for your business venture.


SDCEE Campus offers aspiring entrepreneurs reliable mentorship advice to help them get started with their venture. You can learn from their experiences and work towards creating your own mark in the world of business.

Professional and social events

Networking is essential in any business and what better way to connect with like-minded individuals through professional and social events? Connect with the best through SDCEE Campus.

State-of-the-art technology and infrastructure

SDCEE Campus, in association with DTEC, offers entrepreneurs access to state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure. With these amenities, you can comfortably work and study to build your entrepreneurial career.

High-speed Wi-Fi and 24/7 access

Work from one of the top technologically-advanced cities in the world with SDCEE Campus. With access to high-speed Wi-Fi and 24/7 access, entrepreneurs can work towards bringing their business idea to life.